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New tutorials

Flash tutorials are now replaced by text tutorials. Preesm now targets Eclipse 4.2 and Java 7. A new developer tutorial can be found here and a new user tutorial here.

Describe Applications with CAL Actor Language

Applications described with CAL Actor Language (CAL) can now be imported into Preesm through the Open-RVC-CAL Compiler (Orcc). To do so, applications are compiled using the “Embedded C” backend of Orcc. This compilation process takes as inputs the CAL description of the actors and a network of instances of these actors. This compilation process produces a C source code file for each actor and an algorithm graph equivalent to the input network.
Only applications with a Synchronous Data-Flow behavior will pass the compilation process. An example of application is available here.

News Page

This new page allows you to easily follow the activity around the Preesm project such as new version releases, new publications, additions of functionalities or new tutorials. The latest news will also be present on the home page of this website.

New Developer Page

A new Developer page was added to this website. All information enabling you to modify and improve Preesm to your needs will be posted on this page. A new flash tutorial was added to this page to show you how to setup an Eclipse instance with the Preesm project.