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New developer tutorial

A new tutorial explaining how to create your own workflow tasks is now available in the documentation. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide that covers both the creation of a new Eclipse plugin and the creation, the configuration, and the implementation of a new workflow task. The tutorial can be found here.

New tutorials

Flash tutorials are now replaced by text tutorials. Preesm now targets Eclipse 4.2 and Java 7. A new developer tutorial can be found here and a new user tutorial here.

Describe Applications with CAL Actor Language

Applications described with CAL Actor Language (CAL) can now be imported into Preesm through the Open-RVC-CAL Compiler (Orcc). To do so, applications are compiled using the “Embedded C” backend of Orcc. This compilation process takes as inputs the CAL description of the actors and a network of instances of these actors. This compilation process produces a C source code file for each actor and an algorithm graph equivalent to the input network.
Only applications with a Synchronous Data-Flow behavior will pass the compilation process. An example of application is available here.