Preesm Release 2.2.4

We just released version 2.2.4 of PREESM, and version 1.1.8 of DFTools. You can find these new versions on our update site.

Please note that you will need to update your code generation workflows when using the new version. Ports of workflow tasks responsible for Memory Allocation and Code Generation were updated. MEGs replaces MemEx for Memory Allocation output port and Code Generation input port. Alternatively, you can also download an updated workflow from the tutorials, or on GitHub.

New features

  • New support for distributed memory architectures during memory allocation and code generation.
  • New workflow tasks describing purpose, inputs/outputs, parameters, and errors of tasks.
  • C and InstrumentedC code generation supports following new processing elements types: ARM, GPP, ARM_CortexA7, ARM_CortexA15.
  • Generated C code supports finite number of graph iteration.
  • New systematic simplification of Fork-Join and Join-Fork patterns during single-rate transformation.

Detailed changes and bug fixes for this new version is available in the changelog.