Preesm 3.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Preesm 3.0.0. This major update comes with a heavy refactoring of the application, without functional updates.

Among the changes, we would like to emphasize the integration of the DFTools code base in Preesm, as there has been no reported use of DFTools apart from Preesm source code. This will greatly ease the maintenance of the Workflow, Loggers, Slam and IBSDF/MapperDAG code.

Also, a significative refactoring has been done on the merged code base. All the plugins and packages have been renamed into org.preesm.*; Many classes have been moved to respect the new architecture, as depicted here:

The release process has also been tuned to minimize the footprint of the generated update site (from 600MB to ~6MB). This enables the deployment of snapshot releases, as soon as the proper platform will be identified, in order to improve the integration testing with Spider development cycle.

This update will mostly impact the developers as they will have to clean their workspace and reimport the Preesm projects, as explained here:

Transitional update site and features have been deployed to the old URL in order to have transparent updates.

Please also note that the Command Line Interface wrapper ( has been updated to use the updated application identifier.

Releases are available through the usual distribution mechanisms: