PREESM 2.1: Minor releases

Preesm 2.1.3 removes dependencies to CDT and add some graphical improvements and provide wokflow execution through command line interface.

DFTools 1.1.5 add some minor UI improvements.

Preesm 2.1.3, DFTools 1.1.5 and Graphiti 1.3.14 also include a source refactoring and cleaning.

Posted the 12.04.2014 by C. Guy

Preesm 2.1.2 corrects the problem with embedded memory scripts for special actors (fork, join, roundbuffer and broadcast).

Posted the 11.24.2014 by K. Desnos

Preesm 2.1.1 contains a bug-fix for infinite loop behavior under 32bit Windows and Mac OS.