Preesm Release 2.2.1

[EDIT 09.16.2015] Preesm was updated to version 2.2.2 after correction of a minor bug in the graphical interface.

We just released version 2.2.1 of PREESM, version 1.1.6 of DFTools and version 1.3.15 of Graphiti. You can find these new versions on our update site.

New Feature

  • New automatic layout feature for PiSDF graph (Ctrl+Shift+F).
  • New hotkeys in PiSDF graph editor. (Right-click on graph elements for new key combinations).
  • New Hierarchy flattening algorithm.
  • Promela exporter following SDF3 syntax (task id “org.ietr.preesm.algorithm.exportPromela.PromelaExporter”).
  • Display associated prototypes in actor properties.
  • Throughput and Liveness evaluation for IBSDF graphs. (not documented yet)
  • Add a “release notes” file.


  • Migration to java 8.
  • Better excetion handling and signaling during workflow execution.
  • Migration to Graphiti 0.12.0
  • Adding Maven nature to project.
  • Code cleanup (no more warnings !)

Bug fixes

  • Cyclic parameter dependencies crash.
  • File access”Not local” and “Missing” resources in Codegen and memory scripts.
  • Problem with UTF-8 characters in header parser.